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There are two ways to navigate life and business.

As if it's a maze ... or as if it's amazing.


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The challenge today is how to sell your product or service in a fiercely competitive environment. This book delves into your competitive edge—what they do not teach you in business schools. 

If you are not achieving the profitability, growth, and outstanding social media you crave, you’re probably not taking part in The Experience Economy—the new competitive battleground. 

Nanci Sherman is an expert in the luxury and lifestyle hotel/resort industry. In this book, she provides principles from the hospitality industry that apply to any business—retail, finance, medical, and beyond.

Nanci brought over twenty hotels to #1 in their market, even when in bankruptcy. Windstar Cruises achieved #1 small cruise line in the world the year after she consulted with them. Even if you are the only one on the payroll, you will benefit enormously.

How to Win at Business is a step-by-step guide to attract lifetime customers, make more money, enjoy your work more.

Imagine success flowing easily to you because of the effect you have on others. This is the fastest way to improve on already substantial business results or turn a business around completely.

How to Win at Business

Advance Acclaim

Nanci’s amazing combination of talents, reflected in this engaging book, range from a depth of understanding of the source of her highly successful wins in the hospitality trade to an understanding of what makes us not just tick, but shine, as businesses, professionals (and humans). An extraordinary piece of work to inspire any of us to express and attract people to our extraordinariness. Bravo.

David Allen, International Best-selling Author of Getting Things Done. Time recognizes David as the world's leading expert on productivity and organization.

“Nanci Sherman has done a wonderful job articulating our industry’s secrets to success and applying them to all aspects of business and life. I love the concept of ‘emotional currency’ – that making people happy is the best business strategy. Of course, many of us in hospitality knows that success is built on authentic relationships and genuine human connections. Nanci’s brilliance is her ability to turn this nugget of industry wisdom into a fully-fledged philosophy to work and live by.”

Jerry Inzerillo, Vice Chairman, Forbes Travel Guide & Group CEO, Diriyah Gate Development Authority

“Nanci is the rare, innovative thinker who understands the subtle nuances of leadership, communications, language, and interpersonal dynamics. She has the priceless talent to use that understanding to turn any idealistic vision into a living, breathing reality.  Her spirited drive to rethink hospitality and continuously raise the bar is an inspiration to everyone that works with her. On top of all this, Nanci's sharp analytical mind is very sales and profit-driven so she's always measuring the right things and applying her creativity to achieve business results. Sharing ideas with her and working with her in my own business over the past year, I can't wait for the next opportunity to collaborate with Nanci again!”

Jay Patel, Founder Wintergreen Hospitality

Transform your Standard Operating Procedures into Performance Art and build the experience and emotional currency into every task and interaction.

If increasing profits and well-being sound good, let me know below. You are welcome!

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