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How to Maximize Market Share at Your Hotel







Leading in market share is the crowning achievement of your team's efforts, but no matter how hard you strive or how great your team is, if you are not #1 in your comp set, something is missing, making work and life more of a struggle.

My expertise in hotel leadership ranges from the first Hilton Garden Inn in the world to running the #2 hotel out of 50,000 in the United States and the #1 resort in North America. I led 21 hotels to #1 in market share, some out of bankruptcy. Conde Nast voted Windstar Cruises the number one small cruise line in the world the year after I consulted with them. 

With this course, you will raise all the metrics that matter to you, stop chasing market share - let it find you, energize the team and blast past incremental results.


How Do You Spell 'RELIEF' in the Hotel Business?

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What Experts are saying 

David Allen, World Productivity Guru, Author

Nanci's amazing combination of talents ranges from a depth of understanding of the source of her highly successful wins in the hospitality trade to an understanding of what makes us not just tick, but shine, as businesses, professionals (and humans). An extraordinary piece of work to inspire any of us to express and attract people to our extraordinariness. Bravo!

Jerry Inzerillo, Vice Chairman,
Forbes Travel Guide

Nanci Sherman has done a wonderful job articulating our industry's secrets to success and applying them to all aspects of business and life. I love the concept of 'emotional currency'--that making people happy is the best business strategy. Of course, many of us in hospitality know that success is built on authentic relationships and genuine human connections. Nanci's brilliance is her ability to turn this nugget of industry wisdom into a fully fledged philosophy to work and live by.

What You will learn

Dare to Be Exceptional© is a unique course comprised of a robust playbook to guide you and your team through the following ten modules:


Module One: It’s Time to Let Go of the Status Quo

Module One contrasts hotels that operate in the top 1% with those that do not. Identify whether your business is more like a maze for your customers than it has to be and what to do about it.

  • Assess whether your customers view your business as a maze or amazing

  • Discover where leaders get stopped

  • Create a culture of innovation and distinction

There is a correlation between being #1 in what you do and not being #1. The variable is “conformity.” The higher the conformity, the lower your market share. The more innovation, the greater the market share.


Module Two: Welcome to the Experience Zone and the Customer-centric Formula for Success

There is no downside to creating a customer-centric company. The appealing upside is geometric profitability. Customer-centric brands are 60% more profitable than brands that focus on product and price alone.

  • How to tap into the Emotional Economy™

  • How to operate in the Experience Zone


Module Three: Lessons from Luxury Hoteliers

Discover what the top luxury hoteliers in the world do (without expense) to create an exceptional customer journey from the internet search through farewell and hello again.

  • 50 ideas and tips to make you remarkable

  • Customers are your greatest asset. Invest in them like you would any asset.


Module Four: The Creativity Challenge: Learn to think differently.

In the next module, you will create a “tagline” that will transform your hotel into an “extreme hospitality” zone. This module lays out the method for solving complex problems and generating brilliant groupthink. Creativity is not a linear process.

  • Brainstorming

  • Mindmapping


Module Five: Creating your Identity Statement: The Foundation of Exceptionality

"Differentiate, differentiate, differentiate." Module five is your opportunity to shape the future. Create a distinctive winning strategy and competitive advantage. The Identify Statement (Your IS) is a call to inspire and inform every action and keep your decision-making on track.

  • How to identify your niche and competitive advantage


Module Six: Operating Instructions

Weave the Identity Statement into the minds and hearts of the experience team.

  • Operationalize the Identity Statement

  • Convert SOPS into TOPS (Transformational Operating Procedures)


Module Seven: Culture: How We Do Things Around Here

When you get the culture right, everything else that matters to you will fall into place. Think of it as the gospel, ideology, and soul of the organization. What your experience team believes and how they perform is the only sustainable competitive advantage in your absolute control to become the hotel and employer of choice.


Module Eight: Become a Customer and Employee Magnet

Word of mouth is the most underrated marketing strategy there is. Module eight reveals how to become a Customer Magnet. 

  • Reach and sustain your place at the top of the Social Media Food Chain


Module Nine: Theme Building for Team Building

How to "act" the part and go from training to performance art. Module nine is about building exceptional teams, how to take training to a whole other level, successful hiring techniques, and how to communicate for exceptional results.

  • What the theater can teach us

  • Communicating for Results


Module Ten: Evolve or Dissolve

There's no going back. Ther's no standing still. If you don't innovate, somebody else will.

                                                                                                 -- Musings of a Hotel Oracle

We begin our final module by wrapping up what ultimately makes you exceptional. Every business leader thinks in terms of ROI. The concept I want to leave you with is that a Return on What Matters (ROWM) will bring you more Return on Investment (ROI).

  • New Rules of Engagement

  • True North

  • Why did the Chicken Customer Cross the Road?

Nanci Sherman is one of the most remarkable human beings I have ever met in my 45 years of executive coaching around the world. She is a brilliant hotelier and a brilliant person. I do not use the term 'brilliant' lightly. She knows  hospitality and she knows human nature, both in a profound way. She writes about what she has learned and practiced in her professional career as an extraordinary manager and leader of some of the best hotels in the world. She writes about what she has discovered and then proved works to produce exceptional results, so it is well-worth engaging, considering, and putting into action what she suggests.

Barry Pogorel, Master Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant


Nanci Sherman is quite simply a rock star in terms of 'customer experience' thought leadership. I've known her for almost two decades and she is one of those rare people that brings a smile to your face with each interaction, in person or otherwise. If you want happier customers (and higher profits) then follow her sage advice. I dare you not to be inspired!

Anthony Harrigan, Chief Impact Officer, Impact Wealth, Boulder, CO


Discover your unique competitive advantage and points of distinction.


Become a customer magnet. Boost your revenues through consistent five-star reviews on social media. If you are not in the top 1%, you may as well be at the bottom.


Transform your culture to become the employer of choice to attract and keep the best talent.


Tap into the Starbucks effect: Starbucks leveraged the experience economy, charges five times more for a similar product, and beats comp set market share. They did this through market distinction. You can, too.


Learn how to innovate ahead of the competition by thinking differently to create customer-centric experiences people will pay more for. Conformity and mediocrity are market share assassins.

Nanci did a terrific job reflecting and capturing her journey sharing so many teachable moments along the way. I loved she described the reason she was drawn to our Industry: Making People Happy.

Mike Cassidy, VP Operations, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Chairman of Chicago Convention and Visitors Bureau, Co-founder Cassidy Hermany Hospitality Consulting

Mike Cassidy.jpg

Nanci Sherman provides an opportunity to reprogram our thinking and accelerate our performance. To move beyond the self-talk that limits our potential in business and in life. She provides the opportunity, but we have to respond. It's like Abe Lincoln once said, "I can put food in the nest, but I can't make the birds eat it." Her ability to deliver amazing experiences to the most discerning guests in luxury hospitality is matched only by her ability to inspire her teams, all of which translates to any business that deals with people.

Kenneth R. Greger, Partner, August Leadership LLC

While this is written as a business course, and it is indeed that, it is really about the BUSINESS of life. These powerful, thought-provoking ideas applied to your business will absolutely enhance it. The same ideas, applied to all areas of your life, will transform it.

Holly Stiel, Keynote Speaker, Author, President of Thank You Very Much, Inc.


To be outstanding, first you must stand out.

Imagine your hotel, beachfront or city center. Ten competitors surround you with similar offerings. Some branded. Some independent. Why would someone choose you, pay more for the experience, and rush to post superlative reviews?

I will tell you and show you how to stop chasing market share and let it find you, how to energize the team and blast past incremental results.

If you're ready to generate metrics you can smile about and a transformed staff that will deliver them, this program is for you!

The cost of the online course is about 3-5 room nights, respectively. You will see results by the next quarter.

If you prefer that I facilitate the course, please contact me at Thanks a million. You'll make more.

You're just a click away from immense profit.
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