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Kudos and Acclaim


Nanci’s amazing combination of talents, reflected in this engaging book, range from a depth of understanding of the source of her highly successful wins in the hospitality trade to an understanding of what makes us not just tick, but shine, as businesses, professionals (and humans). An extraordinary piece of work to inspire any of us to express and attract people to our extraordinariness. Bravo.


- David Allen, International Best-selling Author of Getting Things Done. Time recognizes David as the world's leading expert on productivity and organization. Forbes refers to him as one of the top five business coaches in the country.

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“Nanci Sherman has done a wonderful job articulating our industry’s secrets to success and applying them to all aspects of business and life. I love the concept of ‘emotional currency’ – that making people happy is the best business strategy. Of course, many of us in hospitality know that success is built on authentic relationships and genuine human connection. Nanci’s brilliance is her ability to turn this nugget of industry wisdom into a fully-fledged philosophy to work and live by.”

—Jerry Inzerillo,Vice Chairman, Forbes Travel Guide & Group CEO, Diriyah Gate Development Authority

Nanci Sherman is one of the most remarkable human beings I have ever met in my 45 years of executive coaching around the world. She is a brilliant hotelier and a brilliant person. I do not use the term ‘brilliant’ lightly. She knows hospitality and she knows human nature, both in a profound way. She writes about what she has learned and practiced in her professional career as an extraordinary manager and leader of some of the best hotels in the world. She writes about what she has discovered and then proved works to produce exceptional results, so it is well-worth reading, considering, and putting into action what she suggests.

—Barry Pogorel, Master Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant (to Microsoft, Wall Street Journal, Creative Artists Agency, Starwood Hotels, Warner Music Group…)

Nanci Sherman is quite simply a rock star in terms of ‘customer experience’ thought leadership. She’s also funny as $h#t! I’ve known her for almost two decades and she is one of those rare people that brings a smile to your face with each interaction, in person or otherwise. If you want happier customers (and higher profits) then follow her sage advice. I dare you not to be inspired!

—Anthony Harrigan, Chief Impact Officer, Impact Wealth, Boulder CO

This is a masterpiece. One of the biggest selling points is the one that differentiates this book from so many others, is that Nanci “walked the talk” and are shares actual wisdom of “in the trenches experience” versus the majority of the cookie-cutter business books out there that put forth theory or borrowed ideas versus authentic tried & true experience.

—Dennis Pitocco, Author, Founder & CEO & Reimaginator of 360° Nation, encompassing a wide range of multimedia enterprises, including Biz Catalyst 360°, an award-winning global media digest.

Finished this book quickly. Loved it. Nanci did a terrific job reflecting and capturing her journey sharing so many teachable moments along the way. I loved how she described the reason she was drawn to our Industry: Making People Happy. That made me smile because when my two girls were ‘little ones’ I would always ask them “What’s The Most Important Thing in the World?” They would chime: “Make People Happy!!!” You have a Winner, Nanci!

—Mike Cassidy. VP Operations, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Chairman of Chicago Convention and Visitors Bureau, Co-founder Cassidy Hermany Hospitality Consulting

Each of us lives in a world integrated with technology, and we all know that tech is driven by software. But so are we! The software in our devices is regularly updated, but when is the last time we updated the most important software of all – our brain?

In this important book, Nanci Sherman provides an opportunity to do just that – to reprogram our thinking and accelerate our performance. To move beyond the self-talk that limits our potential in business and in life. She provides the opportunity, but we have to respond. It’s like Abe Lincoln once said, “I can put food in the nest, but I can’t make the birds eat it.”

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Nanci on a professional level for several years now and can attest that she applies what she’s written here. Her ability to deliver amazing experiences to the most discerning guests in luxury hospitality is matched only by her ability to inspire her teams, all of which translates to any business that deals with people. Nanci is an authentically loving, happy person whom others enjoy being around personally, as well as in her leadership capacity. This isn’t one of those business books that drone on while you glaze over. Reading the book will not only energize you, but you’ll realize several “A-ha!” moments for sure. In other words, you and your life will be better for reading it.

Tech adapts quickly or becomes obsolete. What about you? How to Win at Business sets you up for the ultimate software update, but only if you’re open to an improved version.

—Kenneth R. Greger, Partner, August Leadership LLC

While this is written as a “Business” book, and it is indeed that, it is really about the BUSINESS of life. These powerful, thought-provoking ideas applied to your business will absolutely enhance it. The same ideas, applied to all areas of your life, will transform it.

—Holly Stiel, Keynote Speaker, Author, President of Thank You Very Much, Inc.

With her signature brilliance, Nanci Sherman shares her wealth of expertise in the hospitality industry and translates it into a blueprint for success in business and life. Full of anecdotes and actionable steps, this book will inspire and guide you to achieve your highest potential.

—Sonia Frontera, Divorce lawyer, Empowerment Trainer, Author of bestseller Solve the Divorce Dilemma and Relationship Solutions

Dance your way through this book of delight and enchantment, and you will forget that it’s a treatise about “business.” Nanci Sherman, the original “Happiness” girl, knows what of she speaks when she intersperses her own exotic hospitality career experiences with the nitty-gritty of developing a highly successful “consumer-centric” business. Leap into her “experience zone” and you will be itching to try out each of her secrets that exceed mere “success.” Learn the meaning of true ”Lagniappe” (something extra) and learn how to achieve it for all the stakeholders in your business aura. Don’t ever settle for merely “good”. Elevate your business to “Better Than Good” with Nanci’s easy-to-read, easy-to-follow, creative collection of strategies for peak results.

—Emily Rosen, Author, Entrepreneur, Mental Health Counselor

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