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How Human Beings "Go Pro"

Updated: May 2

Class Outline

Written By Nanci Sherman

It’s your youniverse. How are you running it?

Would you grade yourself an A+? An A-? Or a “D” for “Don’t have time to think about stuff like that.”

You can’t do calculus if no one ever taught you. If you never read the Happy Human Handbook, you will spend years bumping into disturbing emotions and dead ends. Life is graded on a curve. If you gave yourself an A- or better, you have discovered the holy grail of life.

Regardless of how many years of education you have had, there is still one course academia neglects to hand out: The Happy Human Handbook. Here's the class outline.


Choosing clarity over fog is the first step toward living a life you love. You may not know exactly what you want, but you know you want to live without regret.

What you pay attention to you get more of. That runs the gamut from misery to joy. Are you clear as to how you want today and tomorrow to feel, what you want to create, or are you going to slug it out yet another day? Everything is a choice. That is the greatest freedom. No one can rob you of your thoughts.

Intention is the great initiator. You wouldn’t build a house without a plan even though it is likely to change in the process. Without a design in mind, at the end of the construction phase, you could have a toilet in the living room. Any undertaking without an objective of how you want things to turn out is bound to give you sloppy and often unwanted results.

Strengthen intention daily. When people ask you what you are up to, don’t answer "Not much." Be clear. "I want to get into X industry. I am going to marry the woman with the pink hair I see on the subway each day. I will be in Tahiti one year from now. I'm on a people detox diet. Just dogs for me right now."

Pay intention! It yields dividends.


Before Roger Bannister ran a mile in under four minutes in 1954, physicists and athletes assured us it was humanly impossible. Once he did it, human consciousness experienced a psychological breakthrough as well as a physical one. Thousands have since broken the record.

Beliefs are the ties that bind. Which ones have been fostered upon you by family, friends, and institutions that aren’t allowing you to progress toward your dreams? Just because someone is “well-meaning” doesn’t mean they hold the blueprint for your life.

If a belief you hold stands in the way of your happiness, it is now an obstacle. You may want to reflect on the source and re-analyze its benefit in terms of your own life.

“No” is a belief. So is “yes.”


At the end of your life, you have reasons or results. The same goes for any project.

Nothing kills off progress faster than reasons. Put simply, reasons are “the reason” you don’t have the life you want. Reasons may sound like a more acceptable defense than an excuse but they are the same thing.

It’s always time to analyze our thoughts. Usually, an unconscious loop is behind what you think is a fresh thought. Be aware and honest with yourself. If I were to give you a million dollars to hit the gym five days a week for a year even though your car is in the shop, it’s icy out, you don’t want to be seen in leggings until you lose another twenty pounds, would your reasons go up in smoke?

Some reasons are bona fide— “I can’t hike until the cast comes off.” Others prevent you from having what you really want. What reason do you have for not signing up for that class, not getting to the gym, the dentist, not getting out of the relationship, or into a new one?


I have a close friend who is not wealthy per se, but she lives the life of the rich and famous. She went to school for a Master’s in Special Education and ended up as the most famous author and expert in her field as a concierge. She has traveled the world extensively with perks such as complimentary limos and producer’s seats on Broadway. She gets paid for speaking but will often trade it in for more experience: the luxury of suite upgrades, spa services, and high-end dining. We were talking about how she got to be so “lucky,” and I said, “Because this is the lifestyle you are committed to having, so this is all that shows up. You are not open to anything less.”

Compare what you are currently experiencing in every area of your life to what you want to experience. Inside every complaint is a request. If you miss that cue, complaints will stretch out across your lifetime.

I am committed to living “happier” ever after. so I write books about it, blog about it, and only have people in my life that support my endeavors and initiatives.

Positive thinking gets a bad rap, yet there is not a philosopher, life coach, neurologist, or quantum physicist out there that would deny we get what we focus on. Contradictory thoughts can sneak in and out, but when commitment and intention pair up, your desired youniverse will be spinning toward you as fast as your reasons allow it to.

Attitude drives the bus. If you don’t find a way to love and embrace today even if you are on your way somewhere else, your future will be a cut and paste of today.

It is as easy to take a leap of faith as it is a leap of doubt. Set your intention and catch the flight to an alternate youniverse. See you there.

Change your thoughts, change your life. Class dismissed.

Nanci Sherman

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