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The Happy Human Instruction Manual

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Remember how to live happier ever after.

If you knew how to turn on "Happy" at any time, you'd spend your entire life just feeling good. The technique is simple and unforgettable.

If the “story” of your life prevents you from having the outcomes you are after, it’s time to create a new narrative. Distinct from other books that speak to happiness, I offer you what will enhance your specific journey, not advice to duplicate mine or another’s.

Follow Your Bliss, Not Your Blisters is profound, funny, and can instantly shift your perspectives and behavior in all areas of your life. You will understand how to build strength by flexing your happiness muscle. You will no longer struggle wishing conditions were different. You will navigate to better choices and relationships.

The happiness I speak of is not a mood or a mercurial emotion. It is a state of being that becomes your set point. Happiness is not shallow. It is the deepest form of humanity you can offer yourself and others.

You deserve a lifetime of happiness. You are just a few thoughts and an "Aha!" away. Life is supposed to feel good. Don't settle for less.

This life is not a dress rehearsal. It can be struggle and drama or joy and freedom. The choice is yours. Be the joy you want to see in the world.

Wishing you every happiness,


Free: How to Think Differently Report.  Free joy!

The way of "upliftment" is Nanci's way. As Nanci accomplished in hospitality, she now lays out the way for all of us.”

                — Chip Conley, New York Times bestselling author and hospitality entrepreneur


I bought this to read a chapter at a time at bedtime - but kept going & had to stop myself. I realized that this book is the reason for the highlighting feature in Kindle -- I've got now a beautiful set of reminders (in the "Notes & Highlight" dropdown) to create my own life (my bliss) and not just continue with my habits/assumptions. Like: "Even though we treat our beliefs as true, they are in fact, firmly held opinions" and "It follows that if we constructed our viewpoints brick by brick, we can deconstruct them the same way..." Get this for a coherent blueprint for actually, really moving forward!

                     - Anonymous Reader


“ The ideas in this book are memorable, humorous and yet profoundly and deceptively simple, which elevates it to the category of bona fide wisdom. Read it, Use it, apply it daily, re- read it, what is required to achieve happiness mastery is at your fingertips.... All you need to do is Follow Your Bliss Not Your Blisters. ”

                    - Holly Stiel, Author, Speaker, President Thank You Very Much, Inc.


“Happiness requires making good choices. Nanci lays out considerations for effective decision making. If your goal is to have a life you love, a life you control, I recommend Follow Your Bliss, Not Your Blisters as a must read.”

                  - Richard Wagman, PhD. Psychologist


I fell in love with this book for all its insightful pointers. I hate the "so called" self help genre of books. Somehow this book hit the right cord at the right time. An easy read. Lot's of chuckles and "looking in the mirror". Thanks to the author for all her valuable lessons from an extraordinary life!

                   - Anonymous Reader


 "No one is responsible for your happiness" -- Everyone knows that but some still cling to the idea that something other than themselves can work that miracle. Whichever category you fall into, this book will either validate or teach you. Written in pithy easy to read language that captures the essence of Sherman's thesis, it's a carry-in-your-briefcase or read on whichever line you're standing book. You'll laugh and smile and nod your head and may even convert a nosy stranger curious to know what has captured you --- into a friend.  Or you might want to respond simply: "Happiness."

                     - EmilyRosen, M.A., M.S. -- Teacher, Editor, Mental Health Counselor, Author

Learn to Live “Happier” Ever After

“Life is supposed to be fun, joyous, and exhilarating every day. It is only your perspective that determines if it is or if it isn't.

You will discover easily, humorously, and with profound insights an unforgettable technique for experiencing joy, clarity, creating positive relationships, and through greater awareness reaching your untapped potential for fulfillment and self-actualization. 

Welcome to your personal journey companion.

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